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Diploma Certification

JKL's Diploma Dog Grooming Course, our highest certification accreditation, is a six month, IEAA internationally accredited academic course with a compulsory examination and extensive practicum component.groomer1

This is the optimum choice for first time career seekers wishing to enter the grooming industry.

Jam packed with all the information you'll need to successfully launch your grooming career, our diploma course is available in three formats (course access choices) for individual convenience, study preferences and cost considerations.

What's Included?

Certificate Certification

JKL's Certificate Dog Grooming Course is a three month academic course for those currently employed in the grooming industry, and who have never had the opportunity to obtain certified professional credentials.

As this course requires no practicum work, it contains less detailed information than our Diploma course. The ideal applicant should have at least a year's industry experience.

For individual convenience, study preferences and budgetary considerations, this course is available in two formats - course access choices.

What's Included?

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Sandi Says: 
JKL student testimonial

"Thank you so much for your incredible help and support during my schooling, and for all your encouraging words and comments. I am very proud to be a JKL graduate.Yay! I am 'official'. I am so excited!

Sandi Galindo, Haute Paws Grooming and Boutique, Nine Mile Falls, Washington.


Now you have the freedom to JKL Mobilityaccess our newly updated and expanded diploma course, quizzes, testing and final exam on your phone or tablet.

Just think of it! Waiting in line, or for an appointment, or even as a commuting passenger. No more wasted time!.


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