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There's no better time than right now to begin the career you've always wanted! Whether you want to work full time, part time, become salon employed or self-employed, our groomer technician course will equip you with the skills to begin achievement of your career goals.You'll gain the skills to complete many simple grooms, (ideal for a rural grooming practice), while preparing you for more complex grooming achievements, should you decide to advance your career.

In our opinion, a groomer technician is one of the most valuable components to a busy, successful grooming salon. Certification is optimum to achieve the highest, most professional level of grooming care.

So, what exactly is a certified groomer technician?

In short, a certified groomer technician is the backbone of any high performance grooming salon, and sets the solid foundation for finish grooming and styling. A qualified groomer technician will be able to accomplish to perfection all pre-bath duties, some post bath duties, and some simple grooms, as well.

Once you achieve your goals as a certified groomer technician, you can choose to remain at that foundation level, or continue on to become a diploma certified professional groomer, whenever you are ready. Our diploma certification course is available to our certified groomer technicians for a fraction of the full diploma cost.

What you'll learn:

. Breed Identification
. Coat Types
. Dog Physiology and Psychology
. Parasites, Internal and External
. Tools of the Trade
. Coat Care
. Controlling Problem Dogs
. Grooming Shortcuts
. Best Management Practices
. Personal Safety
. Before the Bath
. During the Bath
. After the Bath
. Pet First Aid

If you are serious about your professional dog grooming career, you deserve the very best!

Your studies can begin just as soon as registration is complete, generally the same day. You'll be able to access your course online at any time of the day or night, from home or work, on desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

It also offers the opportunity to download to your desktop for offline studies..

. JKL Interactive Training Course Online JKL Course with Online Video / Audio Training, the how to's that will visually guide you. View Groomer Tech Course Outline
. fully customizable promotional and business templates - given an overall "EXCELLENT" rating by JKL Members!
. 15 Glance & Groom© breed trim charts online
. 24/7 online test access, course access and tutor support for duration of studies
. All Lifetime JKL Member Benefits

. Deluxe Professional Tool Kits
   .. a quality professional grooming tool kit that can last you well into your dog grooming career.

Maximum Completion Time:
4 months plus a bonus 4 months to complete all course requirements - 8 months total

This course has an academic AND hands-on component and prepares each graduate to begin full or part time employment.

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Groomer Tech Course

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