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Increase Groomer Profits

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Groomer Profits


Increasing Profits - It's all about your clients!


Quick and Easy


1. Display a Tip Jar
This is probably the quickest way to increase a groomer’s daily income, and yet many groomers still don’t feel comfortable encouraging their clients to tip. Here’s a positive update for all groomers out there


Customarily, clients tip their hairdresser or barber, but don’t know to tip their pet groomer. A tip jar is a subtle, effortless way to let them know it’s both customary and okay to tip you for your services.

A simple tip jar on your counter can easily add up to at least an extra $10 a day or more. Do the math!

Place the tip jar close to your pay-out area (cash register, counter, etc.), and almost empty it on a regular basis to discourage theft.
(tip jar labels for print out are available to JKL Members at the online Members Area)


2. Raise Your Prices
For some reason, many groomers are reluctant to raise their prices, but it’s important to keep current and competitive. (This is part of the ‘business end’ of grooming – not enjoyed, but very necessary to maintain and grow your grooming business.)

Review your current pricing every year or two. Determine increases in your operating expenses over the same period of time, and adjust your rates accordingly. Check out the current fees charged by other local groomers as this could be a factor in setting your rate increase.

Charging just $5 or $10 more per dog can really increase your profitability. Remember, average base grooming prices start between $50 and $70, and most mobile groomers start at $70 and go up.

3. Know Your Clientele

The Three Types of Grooming Clients:

The first is the client who leaves their current appointment with their next appointment already booked.

For these clients:
Set up a firm Next Appointment Schedule

Make it your salon policy to strongly encourage clients to book their next appointment before they leave your salon. This ensures scheduled bookings over the weeks and months, which will keep the pet clean and happy by reducing brushing and dematting time at each groom, give the owner a pet that looks, feels and smells good, and brings in additional, more regular income for you.

If you follow this regime, your appointment book will fill with regularly groomed pre-appointment clients.
Be sure to have a two-sided business card with next appointment date and time to give to each re-booked client.
(customizable appointment cards for print out are available to JKL Members at the online Members Area)

The second is the client who may not be comfortable setting a next appointment date, but expects and appreciates a call to set up their next appointment, much closer to the time of next appointment.

For these clients:
Set up a phone call scheduling service,
And stick to it! You’ll generally find that these clients are as loyal as the first type of client, and well worth the discipline and effort.

The third is the client who will only schedule an appointment when they want or need to.


For these clients:

There’s not much a groomer can do about this, so it’s best to use it to your advantage by filling empty spots on your schedule, or in the worst cases, eliminate this type of client altogether.

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