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Below are the dog grooming DVD set options for JKL Members.

Set of 15 DVDs


1. Before the Groom, Straight from the Tub - 110 min

Being one of the top grooming competitors in the World Jodi understands the importance of proper coat preparation. It is a matter of winning or losing in the contest ring. In this nearly 2 hour DVD Jodi will share with you proper coat preparation that will help you not only get a beautiful finish on your dogs but will help your grooms last. Two coat types will be demonstrated with correct bathing and drying techniques. Learn how to get those poodle coats straight, drop coats to fall properly and back coats to lay flat. Jodi covers all aspects to prepare your dogs for the grooming process. From bathing techniques, water temperature, ears, nail clipping, nail grinding, brushing and combing techniques, this DVD is packed with information that is the foundation that will help you achieve the best possible finished product.

2. Deshedding, Theory and Techniques - 90 min

Shedding pets are a constant problem for pet owners. As much as we love those double coated breeds and short coated breeds the hair is enough to make pet owners crazy. Let Jodi show you the best way to shed these breeds. Let's take a look at the canine skin and different situations that trigger shedding. Jodi will discuss skin and coat and explain the process of shedding. She has put together a bathing process that will keep those pet owners coming back for more. This is not only the most efficient way to shed out coats but also the healthiest way to de-shed for you, the groomer, as well as the pets. This 90 minute DVD includes the theory of the shedding process and will demonstrate the bathing, drying and shedding process of a double coat and short coated breed.

3. Carding & Handstripping, For Pets - 70 min

Handstripping and carding techniques are well known in the show ring. They are techniques that are done on show dogs as per the breed standard. There are many benefits to these techniques. The dogs coat and skin will be healthy and vibrant. Jodi will show you how to modify these techniques for your pet trims. Not only will your dogs coat look healthier but their skin will be healthier as well. Jodi will discuss the theory of hand stripping and carding and why it benefits the skin and coat. These techniques will help your trims look natural. Your clients will notice the difference!

4. Thinning Shears, Theory & Techniques - 60 min dog grooming dvds

In this one hour DVD Jodi will tell you what to look for when buying thinning shears explaining the different teeth configuration and how each will affect your end results. When used properly thinning shears can be your "great eraser" as well as the ultimate transition tool to naturally blend lines from clipper work into longer coat. I will also demonstrate several breeds with different coat types and walk you through thinning techniques such as blending, lift layering, bulk thinning, softening as well as many other techniques that will significantly improve your finished product.

5. Scissoring, Theory & Techniques - 60 min

Shears are probably THE most used tool in our profession. The wide variety of shears on the market today can be very confusing. Whether you are a new groomer or you have been grooming for twenty years, this DVD will guide you in buying shears and/or help you add to your collection. Choosing and using the proper shear for each coat type will help you achieve the best finish in a shorter amount of time with ease, eliminating undue strain on your body. Learn proper shear maintenance as we as adjusting your tension. Jodi will discuss the differences in shears as well as the differences in cutting edges. A live scissoring demonstration will teach you how to hold your shears correctly as well as a variety of techniques to improve your scissoring skills.

6. Snap-On Combs, Theory & Techniques - 100 min

Time is money. We have all heard that phrase before. The use of snap-on combs is a shortcut to your finish work. However, they can be tricky to use. When used properly they are a great sculpting tool. Let Jodi show you her techniques on several different coat types that will help you achieve the look you want in a timely manner. Jodi will discuss when to use a snap-on comb as opposed to using a blade and visa versa.

7. The Smooth Road to Shavedowns - 165 min

Shaving dogs down is not always as easy as it sounds. In this nearly 3 hour DVD Jodi will show you how to get your shave downs to look like velvet not corduroy. Every coat type and texture has its own challenges. Jodi will demonstrate three dogs with three different coat types, the Golden Retriever, Springer Spaniel and Standard Poodle. She will not only discuss the proper preparation for each coat type but will also demonstrate the best techniques used to help you achieve the smoothest finish on your shave downs.

8. American Cocker Spaniel, Suburban Trim - 60 min

This one hour DVD is a step by step demonstration of the pet Suburban Trim. Demonstration includes proper clipper techniques and setting body lines using a variety of blades. Furnishings are set with the help of snap-on combs. Jodi also demonstrates carding techniques for healthy skin and coat.

9. Poodle - 240 min

The Poodle is a very elegant breed. Jodi will demonstrate two trims as well as three head styles. The first trim will give your poodle style without leaving excessive coat. Following the Poodle's body structure will help you achieve that pretty outline. Learn what points of the structure to use as a guide to trim this breed. The second trim is the famous Miami trim. Jodi will show you how to set the topknot into a 7F body so the entire trim just flows. Learn how to set those bracelets to balance out this very functional trim. As a bonus Jodi will demonstrate a pet banded topknot and also a German T-Trim head style.

10. Cockapoo - 80 min

The Cockapoo is one mixed breed that varies greatly in shape, size, color and coat texture. This one hour DVD will help you transform a Cockapoo into a cute expression of the Dandie Dinmont. Learn how to change that typical mixed breed trim into a 'personality trim'.

11. Shih Tzu - 60 min

This DVD will help you achieve a stylized pet trim on the Shih Tzu. This breed is often shaved by most groomers. This demonstration will help you achieve a nice trim that pet owners can maintain very easily instead of the typical shave down. Watch Jodi give this little Shih Tzu a cute teddy bear head with no scissor lines! With the help of thinning shear techniques Jodi will teach you how to capture that pretty expression of the Shih Tzu.

12. Yorkshire Terrier - 60 min

This little breed is very popular in the grooming shops. With such a variety of coat textures it can be very difficult to achieve a nice finish. Jodi will demonstrate a stylish pet trim on this little Yorkie with the help of thinning shears.

13. Miniature Schnauzer - 75 min

This DVD will demonstrate the correct pattern lines of the Schnauzer. Techniques will be demonstrated to give this breed a natural appearance without hard lines. The Schnauzer head and expression play a big part in the final product. Jodi will demonstrate an easy way to achieve those difficult schnauzer eyebrows.

14. Westie - 60 min

This DVD demonstrates proper tools and techniques to bring a nice texture to your pet trims. Learn how to capture the Westie's adorable expression with thinning shears. Jodi will show you how to keep your pet trims short but with lots of style.

15. Border Terrier - Pet Stripping - 70 min

This little terrier is the perfect breed to learn the art of handstripping. Learn how to bring out the beautiful texture and vibrant colors in our pet trims. Pet stripping consists of the combination of handstripping the body, head, ears and tail along with thinning shear work on the sensitive areas which are the throat, rear and belly. This is a skill that will put you a cut above the rest.

Titles Included in Full Packages:

Instructional Series:

American Cocker Spaniel Pet Trims
Airedale Terrier
Bichon Frise
Border Terrier Pet Strip
Golden Retriever
Lhasa Apso
Miniature Schnauzer
Poodle Puppy Cut
Scottish Terrier
Shih Tzu
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Welsh Terrier
West Highland White Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier

Theory & Techniques:

Before The Groom: Straight From The Tub
Carding & Handstripping For Pets
Deshedding: Theory & Techniques
Matts Happen! Dematting
Theory & Techniques On The Same Page:
One On One With A Vet
Scissoring: Theory & Techniques
Snap-On Combs: Theory & Techniques
Thinning Shears: Theory & Techniques
The Smooth Road To Shavedowns

Mixed Breeds:
Portuguese Water Dog, A Mini Poodle in disguise
Cockapoo with a Dandie Dinmont Expression

Show Trims:
Bichon Frise
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
American Cocker Spaniel
Irish Setter, Pet or Show

Mobile Grooming: (included ONLY with full package plus Mobile)
Mobile Grooming Part I, The Business End
Mobile Grooming Part II, A Day in the Spa