Certificate Cat Grooming Outlines

Optional Instruction

IEAA Internationally Accredited
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LESSON 7 - Cats

  • purebreds, domestic long and shorthairs
  • coat type and textures
  • longhaired and shorthaired breeds
  • Parts of a cat and some pertinent physiology
  • Parasite recognition - internal, external

    LESSON 8

  • Parasite recognition - internal, external
  • Miscellaneous grooming tools for cats, their use and proper care
  • Grooming products
  • To set up shop

    LESSON 9

    Procedural steps prior to bathing

  • Control and restraint of the cat
  • Zoonoses 
  • Lion Clip
  • Procedural steps prior to bathing, to bathing and to finishing
  • First aid for cats, professional hints, tips and valuable information

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