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Groomer Tech Diploma Course Outline

16 week - 125 hours, Plus Hands-on Work


IEAA Internationally Accredited
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JKL Dog Grooming Course
Module 1

Canine Coat Types
smooth, short, double, silky, harsh, curly and corded coats

Parts of a Dog, Physiology
fibula, tibia, scapula - converting terminoloy into groomer jargon

Parasites, Zoonoses
fleas, ticks, worms, rabies, ringworm, heartworms

Getting Started - First Groom
Tools, Equipment, Supplies, First Groom - Step-by-Step

JKL Student Groomer
Module 2

Grooming Tools
description, usage, maintenance, professional equipment and suppliers lists

Supplies, Equipment and Product Comparisons
dryers, tables, fixed restraints, pet support and positioning systems, clipper vacuum systems, salon set-up

Professional Clippers and Blades
comb attachments, blade size and purpose, clipper and blade maintenance, clipper usage

Grooming Products
shampoos, conditioners, colognes, ear powders and cleansers, styptic powders and gels, clipper oils and coolants

What is a Matt?
dematting, detangling, clipping down, speed and matt combing

Brushing, Combing, Nail Trimming Techniques
wire slicker and pin brushing, combo comb, nail clipping

New Grooming Products
tables, dryers, bath aids, bathtub units, groomer apparel

Clipper Maintenance Detail
illustrated step-by-step procedures

All About Shears
sizes, shapes, function
scissor pliers
scissoring methods and holding techniques
practice and strengthening exercises
convex or bevel edge shears
shear ergonomics

JKL goes online!
Module 3

Before the Bath
lifting and control techniques, patterns and styles, toenails, clipping, grinding, nail caps
ears, plucking and cleansing, excess coat removal, dematting, brushing combing, clipper burn, areas of special concern

During the Bath
wetting, lathering, scrubbing, rinsing, conditioning, towel drying
bathing equipment

After the Bath
drying - high velocity, fluff, cage
clipping, brushing, combing, finishing touches

Grooming the Double Coats
shorter double coats, longer double coats
undercoat removal - the brush out, hair removal, pads, toes, feet, hocks, tidying feathers, undercarriage, tail

causes, prevention, treatment

Controlling Problem Dogs
identifying, handling methods, the importance of table size, passive or submissive posture
control and restraint

Grooming Shortcuts
hair removal, wet HVing, wet clipping
electrical safety precautions

Best Management Practices
how clean is clean? disinfecting, sterilizing
read the label, antibacterial soaps, selecting the ideal disinfectants

Personal Safety Equipment
ear, eye, lung and skin proctection

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