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Why Take JKL's Dog Grooming Course?

Here are 8 great reasons!

Do your research before you enroll.

Ask a few important questions prior to any enrollment. Here are eight great reasons to enroll with JKL

Great Reasons to Choose JKL as your Dog Grooming Course Provider?
For 40+ years, we've been successfully training professional groomers worldwide. JKL is federally registered and certified in Canada. We are also IEAA internationally accredited as a dog grooming career training institute.

Because we know that one size doesn't necessarily fit all, we offer all three major levels of dog grooming: groomer assistant, professional groomer, and finishing stylist, so you can choose the course best suited to you.
JKL has always been and always will be a family owned and operated business. We have worked in, and been a part of the grooming industry throughout our careers, (over a hundred years combined experience), and enjoy sharing with our students the knowledge, experience and expertise we have gained. We are totally focused on YOU and YOUR grooming career goals.
We continue to hold the line on tuition fees, so that almost anyone can pursue their career dream. And our affordable payment plans offer NO INTEREST, NO CARRYING CHARGES.
We really care! At JKL you will always interact with a dedicated and passionate pet grooming professional. Our focus is on you the student, your individual circumstances, time frame, best learning methods. In short...FLEXIBILITY. Special Needs? Talk to us.
Our business hours are 10am-6pm Pacific Time, weekdays, so the best time for phone contact is during those hours. We are available via email nearly 24/7, with a bit of sleep time in there somewhere!
From grooming styles to current business practices, our courses have it covered!

Our JKL media library has over 300 breed styles grooming charts, dog breed flashcards, customizable groomer business templates and dog grooming videos, exclusive to JKL students.
This means that JKL and its courses are always thoroughly evaluated, and that your JKL professional groomer qualification is recognized worldwide. Classroom partners from many countries, (UK, Australia, USA, China, Malta), have taught our career training courses in their classrooms, producing thousands of JKL graduates around the world.
After all these years we must be doing something very right!
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